WWE thrown into mourning as wrestling legend dies after battling with illness –

WWE thrown into mourning as wrestling legend dies after battling with illness

Pedro Morales, WWE legend, dies at 76 after battling with parkinson disease

The WWE Hall of Famer won the heavyweight and intercontinental titles .Several WWE stars have paid tribute to the legendary wrestler on social media

Pedro Morales, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Famer, has passed on after long battle with parkinson disease at the age of 76.

During the days the company was known as World Wrestling Federation (WWF), Morales became the first professional wrestler to ever win the heavyweight title, the intercontinental title and the tag-team title.

His career began in 1959 but joined up with the WWF in 1970 and Morales went to on to win his first heavyweight title in 1971.

He defeated Ivan Koloff inside the famous Madison Square Garden in Los Angeles to announce himself into the scene.
Morales held onto the title for two years and eight months before surrendering the belt to Stan Stasiak in December 1973.
He retired from the sport he loved in 1987, and was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame in 1995.
Ric Flair® @RicFlairNatrBoy
My Friend Pedro Morales, Whom I Had The Honor Of Working With Twice! RIP And Always Be Remembered For Your Saying “I’m Ready For Any Kind”

And Canadian wrestling legend Bret Hart wrote: “Goodbye to a great friend. One of the kindest, wisest wrestlers I ever knew.
“When I first started in WWE, he told me: “You can’t stop talent.”
“I followed those words for the rest of my career. RIP Pedro Morales.”
X-Pac also posted to social media saying: “Pedro Morales was a great man & I’m honored to be able to say I knew him.”

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