Why ZhenoBoy Changed His Name To Bayanni – (See Reasons)

Why ZhenoBoy Changed His Name To Bayanni – (See Reasons)

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Fans expressed concern in response to the announcement that the latest Mavin Record artist Bayanni whose former name was ZhenoBoy might lose some public validations because of the name change as he is still a rising performer while trying to understand the reasons for the changes.

Quick excelling male singer and song writer, Zheno Boy DMW on 23rd day of August 2022 changed his name from ZhenoBoy To Bayanni.

What is The Meaning of Bayanni ?

You might have wondered what ZhenoBoy new name could all mean. The letters which forms the word actually refers to ‘hero’ and also to a person who engages in volunteer work for the community. In short definition, The meaning of Bayanni is “champion” which is now ZhenoBoy ‘s official music alias and it’s given to him by Don Jazzy.

Why ZhenoBoy Change Name to Bayanni

ZhenoBoy renaming to Bayanni have caused a stir among his fans, listeners and followers. The singer was being legally forced to change His Name while preparing to fully join the Mavin Record. We know How risky it is to change your company name, especially for new brands, it sometimes leads to confusion.

Why ZhenoBoy Changed His Name To Bayanni – (See Reasons)

As an upcoming artist, he might loss some brand equity existing in the other name. Not unrelated, you sacrifice the brand awareness that was there around the current name, as well as any Authority value you have built under the old name.

Why ZhenoBoy Changed His Name To Bayanni

But notwithstanding, Bayanni is his new name and we can’t do nothing about it, he’s at all liberty to do what pleases him. The loyal fans and followers are still going to be there for him provided they’re impressed by his good songs and albums.

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As a matter of fact, What is realized in music industry is that your handle or anything your name is does not really count like the stuffs you’re giving the Audiences (in all you do as an entertainer it musician, appealing contents is what draws you attention) so we don’t think there would be much negative impact on the new name of Bayanni, he loses nothing converting from ZhenoBoy.

OPINION: One reason Why ZhenoBoy Change name to Bayanni is because 1, the spellings matches another celebrity’s identity who happens to be more authoritative than the singer.

However, In a new development concerning Zhenoboy name changed, the singer opened up on why he change his former name to Bayanni said the decision came after he sat back to think of something unusual and professional to fit his quality of music made him rename himself.

Watch video as the artist explain why he change from ZhenoBoy to Bayanni.

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