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Why Ruger is Better Than Buju BNXN, Who Is The Best Between…

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 on  July 15, 2022

Why Ruger is Better Than Buju BNXN, Who Is The Best Between..

Why Ruger is Better Than Buju BNXN, Who Is The Best Between...
Between Ruger and Buju BNXN Photo

Let’s take the view and resolve this now. It’s rare for any artist in trending league to compete with another when it comes to hits. One of the biggest, most well-known, and successful Nigerian singer now is Ruger and Buju BNXN. But what makes them unique or better than each other is what we will get to find out now, So read on…

Who is Ruger

Michael Olayinka popular-ly known as Ruger is a hardworking Nigerian artist, voice model and song writer. He was born in the year 1999. In terms of when he became famous, the singer’s success was first acquainted after signing his debut recording contract with Don Jazzy’s brother imprint, D’Prince and this came to play around January in the year 2020.

Who is Buju Bnxn?

Daniel Benson styled as ‘Bnxn’, formerly Buju is one of a kind musician from the south region of Nigeria who began to make progress after leaving Burna boy’s record label. He performs only Afrobeats and afrosoul musics. The artist skyrocketed into the lime light in 2021 following the unveiling of his global hit freestyle called “Peru Cover” produced by Young Fortune.

Is Ruger Bigger Than Buju BNXN?

Ruger, the frontier of Jonzing World record and Mavins associated act was born in the year 2000, whereas Buju BNXN, the CEO of BujutoYourEars and ex spaceship champion born in 1997. Singer Buju is currently 25 years old while Ruger is 22. Looking at the figures, Bnxn Buju is by far bigger than Ruger.

Who Has More Fans between Ruger and Buju BNXN?

When it comes to fanbase, One of the few that is really singing artiste and songwriter, Buju has about a Million followers on IG, 700K on Twitter, meanwhile Ruger who has a whopping one point two million Instagram followers and 183K for Twitter. Between this two, Buju gets more solid fanbase compare to Ruger fanbase when proper scores are being given.

Between Ruger And Buju Who is More Talented?

As per latest signee for the Jonzing-world, Ruger is getting a lot of attention right now and if we’re being honest, he has the talent to back up all the hype. The same can be said for Buju who also happens to be the of himself.

Is Ruger Better Than Buju BNXN?

While Buju is a more recent artist than Ruger, each of them have only completed two projects in the time of their reign and are equally the best in their class of genre.

Ruger and Buju Who is the Best?

A clear difference is that Buju isn’t really a newcomer to the music business. This young artist’s popular songs include the following:

On the other hand, Ruger is responsible for much trending songs like:

Probably, what could possibly sparks up argument between fans of Ruger and that of Buju BNXN might be linked with their lyrical abilities and if that’s the gist, then a round of applause will go-to Buju BNXN due to the virtue of his songs lyrics.

Why Ruger is Better Than Buju BNXN

The internet was almost set ablaze on Thursday after Ruger declared aloud that he is significantly better than Buju BNXN, what brought about this debate was because the singer launched a *askRuger* session for the audience and a question was thrown to him whether he can stand Buju in singing competition and his response didn’t sit well on the fans of Buju Bnxn as he refused to be defeated.

Well, the truth of the matter is that, Bnxn Buju is better than Ruger when it comes to featuring colleagues in a song or collaboration, he’s perfect, but making it loud all alone is a personal thing Buju needs to work on.

Source: GalantNaija.com

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