When Girls Seduce Me, I Focus On Heaven – Chinko Ekun

When Girls Seduce Me, I Focus On Heaven – Chinko Ekun Rapper, Chinko Ekun revealed in recent chat that When girls try to seduce me, I place my focus on heavenly things. Having a child out of wedlock does not seem to be a big deal nowadays in the Nigerian entertainment industry as most popular entertainers have kids out of wedlock. However, it appears that the mother of popular rapper, Chinko Ekun, does not want her son in that league.

According to the rapper, she begs him religiously not to have a child out of wedlock. Speaking to Saturday Beats, the Ondo State-born artiste said his mother begs him every time not to have a baby out of wedlock. “My mum doesn’t want me to have a baby out of wedlock. Personally, I can’t condemn the act because most people have reasons why they have children out of wedlock. It may be that they do not wish to be committed to any woman but they want a child. A lot of people have baby mamas.

I have been heartbroken a lot of times, even after I became famous. Girls are funny; stardom has nothing to do with a partner’s loyalty at all. “I don’t chase after women; I would prefer a lady who is intelligent. I can’t marry a musician or an actress because it is not easy to be a celebrity. The life is not easy to keep up with. I face a lot of stress; I just want my wife to be able to take my children out normally without any form of paparazzi. I prefer to do the ‘hustling’ (running around for money); my children need their mother’s attention.

I can’t marry an actress, I won’t like it if another man is caressing or kissing my wife all in the name of making a film. “I am an Ondo man and there are some things we don’t take. In my videos, I don’t even run after women, I am more of a gangster. In fact, I have turned down romantic movie roles because I don’t want any woman to begin to have amorous attractions towards me on set. When girls try to seduce me, I place my focus on heavenly things. The flesh may want to use me sometimes, but I just ignore it,” he told Saturday Beats. Chinko Ekun started his music career while he was still in the university, under Olamide’s YBNL record label. However, he didn’t have a lot of hit songs to his credit and he explained to Saturday Beats the reason behind it. “When I was still with Olamide, I didn’t record so many songs because I was still in school then and I had to focus on my studies because I come from a very academic family. I also went through a lot before I gained admission. I didn’t want to study law initially but my parents persuaded me to give it a try, I am happy I did. I am going to further my education definitely,” he said.

Asked about how he got the inspiration for his hit song – Able God, he noted that it came when he didn’t have enough money in his debit card to pay for some groceries he had bought. “I went shopping for groceries with Zlatan and my manager, and when I got to the cashier to pay for the things I wanted to buy, I discovered that the money in my account was not enough to pay for the items. We were just joking about the ‘insufficient funds’ situation as we drove home.

That was how the inspiration for the song came. We didn’t want to do a video that was regular, that was why we decided to use the concept of the church. “We wanted to appeal to our religious fans as well. Also, I didn’t want too many girls in my video. I feel good when I hear religious people singing my songs. Even though it was shot in the church, some Muslims and Grail Message faithful still sing the song. There is nothing an individual can do to please everybody. Some people complained that I shot the video in a church as a secular artiste but I don’t pay attention to such comments.

My mum was really happy that I remembered God’s blessings in my song. “Fame has not changed my lifestyle, I am still an introvert. It is only when I have things to do that I go out. It is just that I cannot dress shabbily and I try to run away from scandals by minding my business. Also, I don’t womanise, I eat a lot. I don’t need to get high to perform on stage. I always do freestyle, I have to be sane. “There was a time I was challenged in 2017 to lose weight; I was taxed with losing 15kg in three months for N2m. I was practically going to the gym every morning and night. Except for that instance, I am not under any pressure to lose weight because I am naturally chubby. I don’t really have time for girls because of their drama, but I am not gay. I have had girlfriends; the attention from girls increased after I became really famous. “Sadly, some people may think that I am a young guy that does fraud but uses music as a cover-up, but I feel everybody is entitled to their opinions. Some people think I’m a ‘yahoo boy’ or a cult member. If you dress well in Nigeria, you could be tagged as a ‘yahoo boy’. My best colour is black. I know my wealth is legitimate, so I can speak for myself,” he said. Asked about his relationship status, he said “It is complicated at the moment; I just want to be happy.

I like guys around me; I don’t like girls in my house or around me. ‘Shout out’ to the girls who are dating me that I don’t know of. It is just normal for girls to assume they are dating me because I am a popular artist.

There have been many cases like that. When I was still in school, some girls used to lie to people that I am wooing them just to feel good. I can shock the world and marry at any time. I can get married this year if I want.”

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