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What NITDA Told Nigerians About The New WhatsApp Policies

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 on  May 18, 2021 - DROP COMMENT

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has directed Nigerians on how to operate the new WhatsApp, advised people to adhere to the rules and policies of the App in order to avoid restrictions

This advice was enclosed is a statement on Monday named, ‘WhatsApp privacy policy changes: Implication for Nigerian users’ endorsed by the Head of Corporate Affairs and External Relations at NITDA, Mrs Hadiza Umar.

The statement read, “The National Information Technology Development Agency under Section 6 (f) of the NITDA Act 2007 wishes to provide this advisory to Nigerians to address Nigerian concerns on changes to WhatsApp Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which took effect on May 15, 2021.

“Millions of Nigerians use WhatsApp platform for business, social, educational, and other purposes. The platform is the social media platform of choice for many Nigerians.

“To understand the issues and give an opportunity to explain its views, NITDA in collaboration with the African Network of Data Protection Authorities engaged Facebook Incorporated, the owners of WhatsApp platform, specifically, its global Policy officials on 9th April, 2021. After the engagement, NITDA, as Nigeria’s data privacy regulator, wishes to advise Nigerians on how Facebook’s business decision affects their privacy rights.”

“WhatsApp users are at liberty to decide on giving consent to the processing of their data based on the new privacy policy. “The Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) recognizes consent (a clear, unambiguous expression of privacy terms communicated by the controller and accepted by the Data Subject) as one of the lawful basis for data processing. Acceptance of the new privacy policy and terms of use implies that user data would now be shared with Facebook and other third parties.

“Users will now be subject to the terms and policies of Facebook and other receiving entities with or without being direct subscribers to such services.” NITDA further reaffirmed that Nigerians have other related platforms available to them to use apart from WhatsApp. The agency additionally advised that Nigerians should limit the sharing of delicate personal information on private messaging and social media platforms, particularly as business demand has been given priority over privacy and security. The statement concluded with a re-affirmation of Nigeria’s engagement with Facebook, while declaring that the agency is committed to ensure that Nigerians do not become victims of digital colonialism.

The statement added, “Nigeria’s engagement with Facebook continues. We have given them our opinion on areas to improve compliance with the NDPR. We have also raised concerns as to the marked difference between the privacy standard applicable in Europe, under the GDPR and the rest of the world. “Given the foregoing and other emerging issues around international technology companies, NITDA, with stakeholders, is exploring all options to ensure Nigerians do not become victims of digital colonialism.

“Our national security, dignity and individual privacy are cherished considerations, we must not lose. Because of this, we shall work with the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy to organize a hackathon for Nigerians to pitch solutions that can provide services that will provide functional alternatives to existing global social platforms.”

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