WATCH: T Dollar T Dollar — Rise Glitch Live Session (Glitch Africa) Performance Video

WATCH: T Dollar T Dollar — Rise Glitch Live Session (Glitch Africa) Performance Video

T Dollar live performance
T Dollar T Dollar — Rise Glitch Live Session (Glitch Africa) Performance Video

T Dollar Rise (Live Performance at Glitch Africa Session) Mp3 Download + 3gp Mp4 Video

Artist Name: T Dollar
Song Title: Rise (Live Band)
Produced By: Glitch Africa
Record Label: DR6
Album: single
Genre: afro pop Songs

Country: Latest Nigerian Songs 2022
Released Year: 2022
File Size: 3 mb
Track Type: Audio, Mpeg, 320 kbps bitrate
Freebeat / Instrumental: []
Video: Mp4 3gp.

Here is your favorite singer T Dollar himself performing live version of ‘I go rise if I fall’ at the Digital Podcast and Show platform known as The Glitch Africa.

Tdollar Rise Live Performance at Glitch Africa took off on the 10 June 2022, in Lagos. The Glitch Africa’s rendition of t dollar hit song “rise” was more of a vocal experience by creatively blending the song into a well percussion instrumentals. The producers of the Show, (which consists of organizers, Drummers, Keyboardist, Pianist, Trumpeters, Choir and the lead Guitarist in ways that recorded music never will, everyone did an incredible job at achieving this.

A gargantuan-level, history-in-the-making star performance from one of the most remarkable, insanely gifted artistes of his generation. T dollar’s energy is unmatched but he reassured us ‘if he ever fall he’s going to rise again’ on his debut Glitch Africa appearance.

T Dollar photo

Brilliant T Dollar is a Nigerian music artist whose real names are called Olabinjo Ayotunde Quam, he’s a talented musician and song writer who is now signed under D6R Entertainment LTD for recording deal.

Watch T Dollar Singing Live version of Rise at the Glitch Africa TV (performance) below

Download Video T Dollar Rise Live Performance Glitch Africa Mp4 3gp)

Yeah-yeah, yeah
T Dollar
(It’s Rapid, The Sound P’Ika)
Last time wey I go check
Nobody dey, na me face my problem (problem)
And I dey face my fear, I no fear (I no fear)
Make hustle pay and we pray for good health (for good health)
If dem wan talk, make dem talk (make dem talk)
I go rise if I fall (if I fall)
T’oba ti ni ‘gbagbo, gbogbo nkan t’ole l’oma soft
Shebi na the boy wey dem they talk? (talk)
The same boy wey dem pour dirty water for hin face
Abi ohun ko? (abi ohun ko?)
Omo ti gbera tan
Una wan dey relate
If dem wan talk, make dem talk
I go rise if I fall
T’oba ti ni ‘gbagbo, gbogbo nkan t’ole l’oma soft, ahh
After sinnin’, we pray for forgiveness
We don dey give them a long time ago
Na when dem go con hear?
Everyday and night we dey find the dough
Heavenly Father, abeg
Ko d’igba tinba ti ku
Before you remember say the boy dey pray
Tete bami shey
E don tey wey I dey pray (e don tey wey I dey pray)
I don do things wey you no like true true
But, family dey wait (family dey wait)
Joor, ma jen shey lasan
I must make am by force
E no go good at all
If dem ask and I no commot, ah
It’s a must
Make I get that money, make I blow (make I get that money, make I blow)
It’s a must
Even, if e never plenty at all
It’s a must
K’omo olope sha ti gbera tan (k’omo olope sha ti gbera tan)
It’s a must
K’oma ri mi k’oma shey “boss”, ahh (k’oma ri mi k’oma shey “boss”, ah-ahh)
Make money enter (amen)
Make e better (amen)
Ori’bu, back to sender (amen)
Emi o fe suffer (amen)

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