Traffic Offence: Cars Now Auction (selling) For N50K (in Lagos Nigeria)

Traffic Offence: Cars Will Be Auction For N50K (in Lagos Nigeria)

Auction and Car selling for 50000 in Lagos for bidding Traffic (driving speed)

The exercise of Obeying Traffic Light, Seizing of motors from owners and Car Auctioning Currently going on in Lagos.

The State authorities have commenced auctions of over 134 vehicles impounded for traffic offences.

Fifty thousand naira is How Much A Car Is Sold (at auction price) whenever a driver is caught disobeying traffic light in Lagos.

I saw the news of an auction taking place in Lagos few days ago.

Price of Car Auction for Traffic Offense In Lagos now

Traffic offender’s cars are to be auctioned to the public bidders and the opening bid will be 50k.

The car owners can also participate in the auction bid.

Now this is where the whole issue broke my heart.

A traffic offender should be ready for whatever consequences he or she would face.
Having said that, there are many places in Lagos without proper signs and you’d already be on the road before you realise you are on a one way road.

Also our law enforcement will deliberately remove all signs so unsuspecting motorists can fall victim and once your car gets to their office, you’d be frustrated and they’d make it almost impossible for you to get your car back and then it goes for auctioning.

Yesterday tears flowed recklessly.
Fathers wailed.
Mothers lamented
Men lost their only source of income.

They did because people outbid their own bids for their own vehicle.

Watch the videos online and see the disgusting show of shame.

A man even stood up, waved to the crowd to please stop bidding at 400k so he could win the bid and get his car back.

A son who has served three months prison sentence for the same traffic offence lost his higher purchased vehicle of 1.8m because he was outbidded..

Those who did the outbid are our fathers, Aunts, Mothers, Uncles and Friends.

They are the ones I have issues with..

People begged for you to stop outbidding for their own cars.
You looked into their eyes and kept at it.

I can imagine the pain these ones will have to go through losing their means of transportation and probably their only source of income, in a Nation that is not so encouraging 😩

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