Top 10 Nigerian Celebrities Who Did Plastic Surgery For Bigger Backside

When we admire the stunning figures and hourglass shapes of Nigerian celebrities, it’s important to remember the journey they may have taken to achieve their looks.
In this article, we shed light on 10 Nigerian celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery to enhance their curves. While some have been open about their procedures, others have remained tight-lipped.

Let’s take a closer look at these remarkable women who have embraced their bodies through surgical enhancements.

1. Destiny Etiko:

Destiny Etiko, a popular face in the Nigerian movie industry, has faced rumors of undergoing plastic surgery for her hourglass figure.

Although she previously denied the allegations, a social media feud with fellow actress Luchy Donald resulted in Etiko revealing that she has indeed undergone multiple surgeries to maintain her sexy physique.

2. Tonto Dikeh:

Known for her controversial nature, Tonto Dikeh openly admitted to undergoing surgeries for her hips, butt, and lips.

She even declared her third surgery as a birthday gift, emphasizing how the procedures have boosted her confidence and made her feel liberated.

3. Toke Makinwa:

Model and media personality Toke Makinwa boldly accepted the fact that she had enhancements done to her butt and hips.

She didn’t deny the rumors after photos of her transformed appearance circulated online, stating that it was the best decision she ever made.

4. Chika Ike:

Chika Ike, one of Nigeria’s wealthiest actresses, has been the subject of numerous rumors surrounding her supposed plastic surgery.

Through her glamorous Instagram posts, she showcases an opulent lifestyle that raises questions about her curvy physique.

Despite the speculations, Chika Ike denies having any surgical enhancements, attributing her figure to natural gifts from God.

5. Ini Edo:

Regarded as one of Nigeria’s most beautiful actresses, Ini Edo has faced rumors suggesting she underwent plastic surgery, particularly for her Brazilian butt.

While the actress has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations, she has stated in interviews that plastic surgery should not be seen as a crime.

6. Annie Idibia:

Annie Idibia, the wife of legendary Nigerian musician 2Baba, is rumored to have undergone plastic surgery to enhance her attractiveness.

Although she hasn’t confirmed or denied the reports, her social media posts often feature her hourglass figure, leaving fans curious about her transformation.

7. Iyabo Ojo:

Iyabo Ojo, a familiar face in the Nigerian movie industry, has been rumored to have had buttock and hip surgeries after a trip to Istanbul, Turkey.

Reports emerged of her falling into a coma during the surgery, although Ojo denied these claims. A close friend, however, revealed the truth, stating that Iyabo had undergone a tummy tuck.

8. Rukky Sanda:

Popular Nollywood actress Rukky Sanda has been open about having various enhancements, including her nose, cheeks, waist, and buttocks.

She frequently promotes plastic surgery on her Instagram page, advocating that it should not be stigmatized.

9. Caroline Danjuma:

Caroline Danjuma, known for her beauty, has also faced rumors about her enhanced hips and buttocks through plastic surgery. These speculations arose during a public feud, with “before and after” photos surfacing online.

Despite the evidence, Caroline has chosen to remain silent about the matter.

10. Mercy Johnson:

Renowned for her exceptional acting skills, Mercy Johnson has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery to achieve a flat tummy, as well as enhancing her buttocks and hips.

Although she denies these allegations, Mercy attributes her flat tummy to a combination of exercise, healthy eating, and maintaining peace of mind. She frequently shares photos on social media, showcasing her curvaceous and toned figure.

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