This is Why JESUS Photo Trended on People’s WhatsApp Status in Nigeria

This is Why JESUS photo Trended on People’s WhatsApp Status in Nigeria

Jesus WhatsApp Status

Why Nigerians were posting Jesus on WhatsApp Status

The actual Reason Why People were posting JESUS photo on WhatsApp Status and other Social Media REVEALED!

On June 7, there was a widespread of the photo and screen snaps with the name “JESUS” boldly written in red on a white background.

Base on reports, picture of Jesus had approximately sixty five percent of Nigerian’s WhatsApp stories. Furthermore, a few numbers of other religious worshippers joined Christians unknowingly in spraying the hashtag which was why JESUS photo was found everywhere online.

For something like this to happen brought a tremendous shock upon Christians as they began to think whether Rapture has taken place which suppose be like the second coming of JESUS Christ. But this wasn’t true. In this post will tell you the major cause to why people had to post Jesus photo all over their WhatsApp Status. Keep reading…..

Why JESUS photo Trended on People’s WhatsApp Status in Nigeria

In the mid hours of Tuesday, 7th June, Popular gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey asked Christians to post the name Jesus on their status or upload the photo of the name in all caps as their WhatsApp Profile picture as they call on God to help Nigeria. Hash tags like:- What is going on ?, Jesus is going on were used under the trending photo of “JESUS” (in letters) as instructed by Bassey.

Nathaniel Bassey
Picture of Nathaniel Bassey, Gospel musician

He further urged the Children of God to share the name Jesus to go viral regarding the incident on Christian at Saint Francis Catholic Church, Owo in Ondo State. The publications on Sunday June 5 narrated how members of the Worship centre battled a dreadful shot with some some being killed by suspected Fulani Herdsmen who invaded the church premises that resulted in public out-cry and disaster.

This crime was severely rejected in Nigeria and around the world. To clear the air of the nation’s sorrow and tears caused by the Ondo atrocity, the musician advised every believer, via his Instagram page, to make the word Jesus their profile image and monuments.

Below is the screen snapp of what the artiste said:-

Why JESUS on WhatsApp Status
Why JESUS on WhatsApp Status

That was How the Jesus Challenge started

Although, Some Nigerians found the challenge unnecessary as they argued that Jesus will not come down from heaven to help.

As we speak, Daddy Freeze, a popular on-air-personality has called out Nathaniel over the challenge.

He went as far as saying that the gospel artiste is seeking to make some money off the challenge.

In a series of tweets posted on his handle, Nathaniel said that Hell fire is quaking and some demons are screaming since the challenge started.

His post reads:-

Jesus Challenge WhatsApp Status Nigeria
Jesus Challenge WhatsApp Status Nigeria

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