The Most Foolish Tribe In Nigeria – (See Them)

Look Out The Most Foolish Tribe In The Nation Nigeria

Organizer and pioneer of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, Chief Ralph Uwazurike, according to him has stated that Igbo is the most foolish tribe in the country Nigeria.

He made the disclosure in an ongoing meeting with Punchng. Uwazurike said; “Recall that it was the Igbo man that brought about this PDP yet they grabbed it from him. At that point, unmistakably an Igbo man would be the President of Nigeria. Yet, in Jos, it was simply the Igbo who looted of that chance.

The Igbo at that political occasion in Jos began communicating in Hausa. The Igbo began supporting (Olusegun) Obasanjo against (Alex) Ekwueme; giving N100 million and all that to another clan to develop. Try to keep your hat on, the Igbo clan is the most silly clan I have ever found on the planet. While the Yoruba grasped solidarity, the Igbo man was the individual communicating in Hausa in Jos; the Igbo man was the one giving cash against his very own sibling in Jos to another applicant.

Is that a savvy clan? At that point, who would it be advisable for me to apologize to for utilizing the word ‘foolish?’ Then what have we accomplished from the PDP? For how long have the Yoruba peoples utilized the PDP? Eight years! Presently, when it was the turn of the South-East, they sent it to South-South.”

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