See What WizKid Did for Mr Eazi that Nobody Knows [photo, video]

See What WizKid Did for Mr Eazi that Nobody Knows [photo, video]

Mr Eazi and WizKid picture

Professional rap artist and songwriter Mr Eazi has just recapped how popular singer big wiz aka WizKid helped him and what he did for him but didn’t announced it.

After his colleague, Mr. Eazi, described how he (Wizkid) aided his career, fans of the well-known crooner, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, have sang praises of him.

In an interview, Mr. Eazi described how Wizkid was invited to the Ghana Music Awards, but the award’s organizers turned him away since he isn’t a Ghanaian.

He claims that Wizkid, who was determined to make his presence known, intervened by telling him that he would call him up to perform with him when he ascended the stage and that nobody would be able to stop him.

He continued by revealing how Wizkid had tried to sign him to his record company, Starboy Entertainment, but he had declined since he wanted more of an affiliation-type agreement; this is how it ultimately panned out.

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