Nollywood Actor That Died Yesterday, Prince Abuchi Ikpo Cause of Death, Biography

Nollywood Actor That Died Yesterday, Prince Abuchi Ikpo Cause of Death, Biography

Nollywood Actor That Died Yesterday, Abuchi Ikpo Cause of Death
What happened to Prince Abuchi Emma Ikpo

Nollywood Actor That Died Yesterday

Popular Actor and script visualizer, Prince Abuchi Ikpo from Nollywood industry was yesterday discovered dead in Asaba inside a room, Delta State.

Prince Abuchi Ikpo Cause of Death

On Tuesday, DSP Bright Edafe, the state’s police public relations officer, Confirmed that the Nollywood actor Abuchi Ikpo was no longer alive, however, the death of Prince Abuchi Ikpo is allegedly linked to an affair with his personal assistant. Base on information gotten from Edafe, the actor was killed within his lodge and kept in a room until his body was discovered by residents. He also added that, The dead corpse was on Monday found at his apartment, close to a location called Jesus Save area in Delta.

Who Killed Abuchi Ikpo ?

Prince Emma Buchi Ikpo popularly known as Abuchi Ikpo has finally answered the call of the Almighty. Nollywood Actor prince Emma Abuchi Killed by his PA in Asaba, What happened to Abuchi Ikpo and what transpired before he died is known yet to no one at this time, though there’s an ongoing investigation about the matter.

Abuchi Ikpo Biography

Prince Abuchi Ikpo was a one of a kind sensational Nollywood actor with many years of acting experience. In addition to his acting career, he has since produced films that have achieved numerous firsts. His movies were the first two and three cast movies in Africa.

Abuchi Ikpo died on Monday, July 11, 2022. He was murdered, and the corpse was dumped inside the house where he lived.

Prince Emma Abuchi Ikpo Video Family And Friends Before Burial

Tributes are already coming for Prince Emma Abuchi. These are the only details as gathered for now…. More later.

Prince Emma Abuchi Ikpo Photos

Nollywood actor Abuchi Ikpo Photos
IMAGE tag: Nollywood actor Abuchi Ikpo Photos

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prince Emma buchi Ikpo photos
Photo: prince Emma buchi Ikpo Nollywood Actor who died yesterday

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