Nigeria To Host Middle East Africa Rugby Championship – Sports

Nigeria To Host Middle East Africa Rugby Championship – Sports News

Nigeria has been chosen to host the second Middle East Africa Rugby League Championship, which will take place over a week in October and is likely to comprise of two groups and a final, all at a single venue.
It will be the second MEA Championship to be played in Africa, the first in 2015 as part of the 2017 Rugby League World Cup Qualifiers, when Lebanon travelled to and defeated South Africa over two matches.
“I’m certain the expanded competition will be a success in Nigeria and would like the Nigerian people to get behind us and show how great the country and Africa can be for the sport,” said former professional Ade Adebisi, vice chairman and general manager of the Nigeria Rugby League Association. “This tournament will be a fantastic avenue to showcase the raw talent in Africa and the Middle East and what rugby league has to offer outside of traditional boundaries.”

It is also planned to host a regional educational event for coaches and match officials around the Championship.

The decision to hold the tournament in Nigeria has been endorsed by Rugby Football League Hall of Famer Martin Offiah. “Of Nigerian heritage, I am always delighted when I see fellow countrymen express their athletic prowess. It makes me very proud that my parents came from a small village in the state of Onitsha and now a statue of their son sits outside Wembley Stadium in London thanks to this great sport. It is my honour to support the NRLA on their journey into the world of international rugby league.”

Participating nations will be announced in March.

before the MEA championship in october, Nigeria will also be hosting Rugby Africa Silver Cup 2019.

To all aspiring/established Nigerian National Rugby Team 15s players As you are aware, Nigeria was promoted to Rugby Africa’s Silver Cup -the second tier of the top 16 countries in Africa15s & Top 12 in Africa 7s last year after which we won the bid to host the Silver cup.

@ NigeriaRugby1 Mar 20

Group A tournament wherein the following teams are scheduled to participate; . i. Nigeria ii.Ghana iii.Madagascar iv.Botswana Following the pronouncements by the NRFF and Ghana Rugby presidents, we may also be playing Ghana twice at the Presidents Cup on the following dates

@ NigeriaRugby1 Mar 20

i. Ghana vs Nigeria (27th April) Accra ii. Nigeria vs Ghana (4th May) Lagos I hereby encourage you to step up fitness/strenght and conditioning ahead of camp and to also ensure your travel documents are intact and valid. Signed Dele Coker
Technical Adviser, NRFF

Source: Twitter @NigeriaRugby1

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