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Ned Nwoko And Emmanuella Marriage Video, Photos (the Man’s Secret Nobody Knows)

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 on  July 12, 2022
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Ned Nwoko And Emmanuella Marriage Video, Photos (the Man’s Secret Nobody Knows)

Ned Nwoko And Emmanuella Marriage Video, Photos (the Man's Secret Nobody Knows)
Emmanuella (mark angel comedy) and Regina Daniel husband Ned Nwoko photo

Internet users were on 9 July 2022 sent into frenzy after headlines depicted that popular business mogul Ned Nwoko have reached out to the family of Skit Maker, Emmanuella for marriage purpose.

Information gathered that husband of actress, Regina Daniel, Ned Nwoko attempted to wed the teenage girl Emmanuella.

It was alleged that Ned Nwoko is in talks with the world’s famous video model family over a marriage proposal list.

Who Is Ned Nwoko (Biography)

Ned Nwoko, a 61 year old Politician and Business Tycoon with a Total Net Worth of about 1.2 billion US dollars has held a variety of positions in Nigeria while establishing himself as one of the country’s wealthy men. Having been born on December 21st, 1960, as Prince Chinedu Munir Ned Nwoko into a royal family, he had the foundation for success. He was born in Aniocha North LGA, Delta State, Nigeria, into the royal Nwoko dynasty of the Idumeje Ugboko Kingdom.

Nwoko would be remembered in April 2019 for marrying popular film-maker, Regina-Daniels as his 5th wife.

The marriage was highly criticized on social media as many said the 20-year-old was too young to get married to an old man who’s supposed to be her father.

Ned Nwoko And Emmanuella Marriage

Ned nwoko and Emmanuella marriage video is currently trending on TikTok, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other media outlets. Ned getting married to the little girl comedian is the talk of the town.

On the kid comedian’s official Facebook page, one admirer went a step further by inquiring whether it was true that her family had already given Ned Nwoko their list of prospective spouses.

Ned Nwoko And Emmanuella Wedding Photos

Ned Nwoko And Emmanuella Wedding Photos
Ned Nwoko And Emmanuella Wedding Photos

Nigerian billionaire, Ned Nwoko reportedly ask Emmanuella of Mark Angel comedy for her hand in Marriage, the duo pictures have gone viral online as the headlines spread like wildfire.

Ned Nwoko Secret in Marrying Teenagers, Small Girls, Virgins

Base on reports and comments from viewers of the story, the man’s secret or act of marrying young girls is linked with some ritual practices.

See people’s comments below

NurseKiki G Sangare said: This guy is a destiny robber ! He only goes to famous people ! Emmanuella has a great and bright star 🌟 the man attitude is spiritual and well calculated . He wants to take something out of this girls . God have mercy on him and his so called wives !!

Benedicta Osas Okunorobo replied: Ned nwoko is a ritualist no doubt. Nigeriaaaaaaa open your eyes. He’s supposed to be arrested

Helen Erhabor: Is using them to renew is charm ‘s.

Ada Opene wrote:: What exactly is wrong with Ned Nwoko? This isn’t ordinary. Fabien Schmitt: I think he uses juju for young 👧 who are famous

Abraham Ugo: It’s obvious that this man like marriage teenagers Nigeria are supposed to arrest him for child abuse come to think of it if not that is he using them to renew his coven the his evil shrine nonsense

Samata Urey: That man know what he’s doing he lol teenagers because they help him to produce his money Nigerian government need to stand on him if not so he will spoiled all the teenagers

Barry Queen: I don’t believe this ooooo. How old is Emmanuella that he will marry her. ABEG LET ME WAIT TILL WEDDING DAY.
And Emma parents will open their eyes.

Tina Munjile: With this man around, Nigeria is not safe with girl child, he will end up marrying every little girl including the new born baby girls

Helen Stephen: I believe they is something wrong with the old man, for looking for his great grant children to married, na ooo

Yamari Abigail Ishaku: Regina is the one that make this juju man popular in Nigeria, if not who know him, have not see him in NTA before or any social media before, but he want to pay her back with evil ba, oga if u no live Emmanuella that ur chibiki no go work again

Abah Janet Id: Is this man normal at all?I wonder why he use to marry a child call his great grand children every year, something is wrong somewhere o

Paulina Iripia: Emmanuella shine your eyes oo, no let this old for nothing Man destroy you oo my dear if it money be content with the one you have and if it marriage there is time for everything my love no let him come and destroy you.

Immaculate Ezekiel: One day na his Daughter he will be interested to married, he needs prayers 🙏 for Deliverance . If is true ooooo , the wold world will pray an fast for him to come back to his normal sense . God everything in your hands ooooo

Marri Joseph: This is nOt ordinary. He is a destiny exchanger n destroyer beware of it…. He saw the greatness of Ella that is y he wants to take it away, for his own glory. Not every one that has the spiritual eye to see… the same thing he did to regina n u people think it ordinary… What u see physical is different from spiritual. That is y many people fall victims.. 😧😩N die untimely😢😢😢. Open ur eyes n see what this man has intention on this girl, u will know is nt ordinary (spiritual)… Destiny destroyer 😈. I wish she has spiritual eyes to see things for herself. But most people are blinded by greed they have around them. May God see us through.

Mma Precious: What of she and her family that accepted the marriage, are they blind. 11 years old Emmanuella that suppose to add education to her talent

Stella Chioma: That’s the secret of his wealth, thank God for the family of Emmanuelle for not letting him have his way on there daughter, shame on Ned-Nwoko

Ned Nwoko And Emmanuella Marriage

On our next post, we’d look emmanuella and ned nwoko reaction to rumours of them getting married 😱😱 what Emmanuella is saying about it.

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