Music Platforms: Innovative Ways Of Listening To Music In Nigeria

Nigeria is known for its variety of musical styles, from Afrobeat and hip hop to Afro-pop and fuji. In the past, music was limited to listening on the radio or buying physical albums, but with the development of technology, the music industry in Nigeria has undergone a revolution. Nigeria, with its rich music heritage, offers many unique platforms and applications that enable music enthusiasts and artists to enjoy sounds to the fullest. In this article, we explore popular music platforms such as Boomplay, Spotify, Apple Music, MTN Music Plus and Deezer, and examine their features and benefits for the Nigerian audience.

Music Platforms: Innovative Ways Of Listening To Music In Nigeria


Boomplay is a leading African music platform that has become popular in Nigeria as well. It offers a huge collection of music from various genres, including Afrobeat, hip hop, Afro-pop, reggae and more. Boomplay’s collaborations with local and international artists make the platform an indispensable source for discovering new talent and exclusive content.

The platform offers many features that make it easy to listen to and discover music. Users can create their own playlists, share music with friends and family, and follow popular tracks and artists in Nigeria. With an intuitive interface and recommendations, Boomplay helps users discover new sounds and find music that suits their tastes and preferences. One of the attractive features of Boomplay is the ability to download music for listening offline. This is especially useful when internet access is limited or when travelling without a network connection.

Boomplay also actively supports and promotes local artists. The platform enables artists to upload their music, promote it and receive streaming reports to help them grow and gain recognition in the music industry. With a rapid rise in popularity and numerous active users in Nigeria, Boomplay plays an important role in facilitating the development of the Nigerian music scene. It provides a platform for interaction between artists and listeners, and pushes the boundaries of African music.


It’s not just music platforms that can bring joy and make your leisure time great. True Nigerians love sports and will never miss an opportunity to support their favourites with a bet.

Surebet Nigeria is an innovative bookmaker that brings new standards and features to the world of sports betting in Nigeria. Combining reliability with an intuitive interface, Sure bet offers a wide range of sports events to bet on.

A unique feature of this platform is the ‘system betting’ concept, which allows players to combine multiple bets into one to increase their chances of success and get even more adrenaline out of the game. In addition, Surebet Nigeria offers competitive odds and fast payouts, making the betting experience more exciting and profitable. Player security and privacy are also a priority for Surebet, making this platform a reliable and convenient choice for all sports betting enthusiasts in Nigeria.

MTN Music Plus

MTN Music Plus is a music application developed for customers of MTN Nigeria, one of the leading telecom operators in Nigeria. It is a unique platform that allows users to enjoy a wide range of music of different genres and styles available online.

One of the benefits of MTN Music Plus is easy access to a huge collection of music, including tracks from local Nigerian artists as well as international hits. Users can listen to tracks, albums, and radio in real time, create playlists and share music with friends and family. The MTN Music Plus app offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy to use even for beginners. It is also optimised to work on various devices, allowing the user to enjoy music anywhere and anytime.

With MTN Music Plus, users in Nigeria can easily update their music library, find new tracks and artists, and enjoy a variety of music genres. This app becomes an indispensable companion for all music enthusiasts and music lovers in Nigeria, giving them the opportunity to enjoy their favourite tracks at a convenient time and place.

Spotify and Apple Music

Global music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music have carved out a niche for themselves in the Nigerian market. Spotify, the largest music platform in the world, offers a wide range of music from different genres, including Afrobeat, hip-hop, Afro-pop and many more. Thanks to personalisation algorithms, the platform recommends new tracks and artists to the user according to their tastes and preferences.

Apple Music has also earned popularity among the Nigerian audience. This music service, developed by Apple, offers access to a huge amount of music, including Nigerian hits and tracks from around the world. Users can create playlists, share music with friends and enjoy quality audio streaming.

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