Man In PH Spent 33 Days In Police Cell After Making Innocent Phone Call

VIRAL: Man In PH Spent 33 Days In Police Cell After Making Innocent Phone Call

LATEST NEWS: Nigerian Man jailed for 33 days for calling someone on phone in Port Harcourt , Rivers State

Unidentified person goes to prison , spent 33 days and night for alleged snatching of someone’s car

He said “take a look at me. in the wake of going through one month and three days in the control general of police checking units (I. g. p) cell port harcourt. presently hear my actual story.

I requested budgetary help from a brother in the master that adored in a similar nearby church with me to enhance my business and he vowed to help me in seven days time yet while sitting tight for that we meet out and about and he revealed to me that he need to set up a driving school business and inquired as to whether I can oversee it and I instructed him to give personal time to consider it and subsequent to breaking down it with my family I called to give him input yet he disclosed to me that he isn’t anywhere near and that we should meet in the congregation on sunday . in any case, on sunday before we would me be able to I heard that he lost his vehicle and as a sibling , I felt concern and later met with him in which he told how his vehicle was grabbed and my answer to him was that god will assist you with recovering it. be that as it may, all alone , god that made paradise earth is my observer that I went to my kids church special stepped area with my two knees and requested that lord have mercy on him to recuperate the vehicle however to an incredible stun following a month, I was captured and told that I was the last individual that called him before the vehicle was grabbed and that I called to screen him. the individuals of god that is my story. be that as it may, my delight today is that god is my side since he a divine force of equity and no one has ever crushed him and I can never be vanquished on the grounds that my hand is perfect. individuals of god keep on asking with me in light of the fact that my adversary is as yet battling.”

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