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Nancy Isime

Popular event host and Netflix actress, Nancy Isime says that the tough woman she became today is due to the things she’s been through, her life Experiences.

In the case of Nancy, A tough person is determined and powerful, and can withstand hardship or suffering. She earned a reputation as a stern yet ethical businesswoman.

The Star actress, nancy isime communicated with Audience about how she grew up really fast because of the responsibilities she had even as a teenager.

In an interview with fellow actress, Lilian Afegbai, Isime said she started working at the age of 16.

“I’m just at a point in my life where I’m just at peace with my success, accomplishments, and failures. Everything is for a purpose. It can’t always be smooth. Challenges are stepping stones to another level,” she said.”

“I’m tough because I’ve been through so much, from childhood till now. I was just trying to work and be independent. At 16, I started working. At 17, I’d moved out of my parents’ house.”

“I was completely responsible for myself at 19, even for school fees and basic needs. And I was still sending money back home; taking care of the family. I remember one time my dad spoke to me while I was just sharing some fears.”

“He said I should always remember that, at the age of 18, I was already paying my younger sister’s school fees. I didn’t remember that myself. I do things for people and I forget. I don’t do things expecting anything in return.”
Isime had earlier recounted how she lost her mother at age five and later attempted suicide as a child.

She had said at the time:

Some people had time to grow through life but I had to mature in time.”

“Losing your mum at the age of five, you’re exposed to a lot of things you’re not supposed to experience.”

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