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Every Nigerian Upcoming Artistes Must Do This Before They Can Blow In Music Industry

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 on  November 13, 2020 - DROP COMMENT

WHETHER You Like It Or Not! Every Nigerian Upcoming Artistes Must Do This Before They Can Blow In Music Industry

Hi guys, My name is Prince Marcus a.k.a Akpan Edidem from Akwa Ibom state, a Blogger and Chief of GalantNaija.com platform and I’m back again with another encouraging and a kind of persuasive article that you all will love to read

Today, I am going to talk on what Every Nigerian Upcoming Artistes Must Do In Order To (Make it) or Blow In Music Industry

In this post also, we’re going to answer questions (keywords) like;

• What Are Things New Artists Should Do To Become a Superstar like Olamide, Davido, Wizkid, Don Jazzy, Psquare, Tiwa Savage, Simi, and the rest of these popular Nigerian singers

• ShortCut To Blow In Nigeria Music Industry

• How Long Does It Takes For An Upcoming Musician To Succeed In Nigeria’s Music Industry

• Fastest Ways to Blow Your Music Career as An Artist Who Has Been In The Game For Long

• Must Upcoming Artists Get Sign into Record Labels Before They Blow Up?

• Very Sensual Tips To Help You Blow In Nigeria’s Music Factory

Why Some Artists Fail To Blow, Setbacks in Nigeria Music Business

• The Real Secret, Things You Must Pass Through Before Fame And Popularity Come Knocks Your Door As An Artist

Lets go…

But before we proceed, I need to say why I’m able to come up with a post like this, earlier this year, someone asked me sir “Please How Much Will It Take To Blow A Music Artiste in Nigeria”… I have been doing a research on the music industry. So this question was actually what motivated me to put up this post and share with you guys.

Any Artistes Who Is Hungry For Fame Must Do This Before He Or She Can Blow In Nigerian Music Industry

The modern Nigerian music industry is no longer operating the same way it was in the olden days, believe me things have changed! And you as the artiste also need to switch from Analog way of reasoning to Digital way, yes!! Stop saying “who wan blow go blow when hin time cum” No… I strongly disagree with you

Even popular singers worked for their success, they’ve passed through a lots, it took them time, energy, self discipline and sacrifice and Money to become famous. Dont forget this talk wey dey say “Na Who Work Dey Chop”. Yah! Or maybe u think say na lie?.

Now a days the music industry is full-up of young talents, Take a look at Rema, Fireboy, Oxlade, Omah Lay, Bella Shmurda and the other fast rising artists, they all worked hard to get there! How long e go take U to Blow?… So it is always a crazy hustle for every upcoming artist who wants to make it big and blow up in music industry.

So many upcoming artists have struggled enough to get things in place for themselves but yet, it seems all their efforts amount to nothing, on that note I choose to share this piece of information to enable you catch up with other prominent singers in Nigeria

1. No Matter What, Try Write Good Song

This is the number one thing in music field, if you really want make am, I advice you be a good songwriter or buy lyrics from professionals before stepping into recording studio. Have in mind that audience will always criticise your music (whether its good or bad) fans are the ones to tell, not you

So consider having a nice song, well mixed and mastered for your own good.

2. Don’t Sing What Only Pleases You, Do Song That Impress Your Audience

Let’s imagine Davido was a type of artist that delivers whack songs, how terrible would his situation be like? Do you think he would’ blow? – Nobody sees good thing and dislike it, and nothing good comes easy, Note that!

They’re music you do whereby fans or audience finds it difficult to sing along with you, I know every artists get separate music styles but Atleast have a place in your Lyrics that people can easily grab and vibe with.

Consider Davido – FEM (for example),

E be like you don dey talk too much
Small talk you don dey talk who talk

Fem…. baddest ….. (You see, there’s possibility people join him sing) if he goes out for show or event, and for that Audience would never forget his Music

3. Have Your Own Signature or Intro

Do you know that good signature also plays a vital role in artist career?… in all Zlatan songs, i always heard him saying (Ibile Ibile, Ayiiii, Kapaichumarimari-Chupako), Rema came with (Another Banger), Davido (baddest), OBO, Naira Marley (Marlians) etc

All this Intro helps people easily identify them whenever they release new song, so get your own and use it often.

4. Package A Little, Get Swag

This one is optional, you can decide not to, but to me its necessary.

If you observe, majority of Nigerian artists always appears fine, I’m not saying you should go after buying expensive clothes and long socks, but try get small swags especially when you’re out with your guys or Called to Perform in a show or club, yes! Because your dressing would get people’s attention for you.

5. Ask Yourself if Music is Truly Your Gift

Some people keep blaming their village people when they faces misfortune…. Before you begin wandering why you’re not making it despite being in the game for years, have you sort out yourself? Music wasn’t for anybody.

Leave the fame and money in music, everybody’s talent is different, so follow Godswill in you

6. Pray and Focus

Prayer have done a whole lots of miracle in everyday life, This industry no be by Might or how Long you’ve been, concentrate and Pray for Grace, good vibes and connections

7. Learn Handwork, (or Go To School)

Even popular artists have learnt skills and trade, some went to School and obtain degrees, some famous singers are owners of Big business enterprises

If you doubt me, Runtown is a Carpenter, at same time a musician, (Mad Over You) crooner

With handwork or school cert. You will never go broke as an artist

8. Promote Your Music Like Your Life Depends On It

After all and all, PROMOTION remains the key factor to stay visible and way forward to blow up in Nigeria’s music industry

You need a very strong team like (GalantNaija.Com) to make things work out for good. Even when you have the money to spend, use it wisely

Mingle with good Bloggers, Promoter, DJs, OAPs and Hypemen, they will help you achieve something

Publicity, Promo and adverts and newspapers, Blog write-ups and Airing on major Radio stations also is additional advantage

Lastly, instead of waiting for record labels to sign you, Go and get A Good Manager with experience in the industry, who can execute plans and guide you on everything.

I have seen many upcoming artists spend a lot of money without blowing. Yes, you Get money to promote your music and showcase your talent to the world, but great music has a way of promoting itself. That way you can succeed in music without so much spending.

If this article was helpful, please drop comment below to encourage us! Thanks for reading

Written and Published by Prince S Marcus


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