DO YOU AGREE? Galantmedia Helps 40% of Upcoming Artists & Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Galantmedia As Helped A Forty Percent of Nigerian Upcoming Artists & Entrepreneurs – DO YOU AGREE?

The Media company GalantMedia reckons its professionalism for blogging, music management and sound promotion in Nigeria.

Recently on an interview with “Skerach TV” which held on Thursday, 28th March 2019, the Founder & Managing Director of GalantMedia NG,

by his name “Prince Marcus” revealed the strong feelings he had for music, since mother was a singer, however, being an experienced blogger urges him to actualize the dream and zeal of promoting people’s work and talents,

so he decided to create the valiant media brand called GalantMedia , an online entertainment platform where musicians and entrepreneurs can upload their songs, videos, publish books, advertise etc. for worldwide recognition.

The founder also added that the company has been a helpful source especially to those uprising stars who finds it difficult to promote thier music and videos on internet, not just that, looking at the blog tagline, you will notice that GalantMedia is a home of music promotion operating 24hrs with the best service support.

According to research and investigations, Skerach TV Africa reported their list of standard websites that locked-in promotion business in Nigeria, after crossbreeding and comparisons, GalantMedia was rated number one (No. 1) website designed to push the upcoming artists to a level of popularity in the country.

Now, the Question is 👉 DO YOU AGREE that

Galant-Media is the only blog that supports the upcoming artists in Nigeria??


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