READ Carter Efe Biography, Wiki, Real Name, Net Worth, Age, Car, Girlfriend, Comedian, Phone Number

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Carter Efe Biography, Wiki, Real Name, Net Worth, Age, Car, Girlfriend, Comedian, Phone Number

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 on  July 28, 2022
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Carter Efe Biography, Wiki, Real Name, Net Worth, Age, Car, Girlfriend, Phone Number

Carter Efe Biography, Wiki, Real Name, Net Worth, Age, Car, Girlfriend, Phone Number
Carterefe biography

Who Is Carter Efe ?

Carter Efe is a renowned comic actor from Nigeria with raw acting skills. Carterefe is a premium funny man behind the sound Machala and a big fan of WizKid.

Carter Efe Biography

Oder hohwo J. Efe recognized globally as owner of the brand “Carter Efe” is a young talented skit maker, video creator and viral content specialist brought to birth in 1994. The new celebrity is blessed with both musical proficiency and comedy conceptions.

Carter efe Real Name

Oderhohwo Joseph Efe is the real name of Carter. That answers the question of what Carter Efe full name is.

Carter Efe Comedy Career

Carter Efe Latest photo

He credited his initial interest in music while leaving with parents, Carter Efe according to findings tipped on singing at the first place but eventually turned into a full time comedian for reasons best known to him.

How Carter Efe Become Popular

The Nigerian comedian Carter Efe achieved world wide validation in 2022 after announcing his first official single titled “I wan be like Machala”, a song inwhich he sang to glorify award winning singer ‘Big Wiz’.

Carter Efe Age

How old is Carter Efe? The fast growing Instagram comedian Carter Efe is now 28 years old (in 2022). That’s the true Carterefe age.

Carter Efe birthday

Carter Efe comedian date of birth: 29/09/1994. verified

Carter Efe Girlfriend

Who is Carter Efe dating?

Carter Efe Girlfriend
Carter Efe wife picture

The socialite appears to be dating a lady whose name is hidden from being viewed in public.

Is Carter Efe a Cultist ?

What cult group Carter Efe belongs to remains a secret as we had no detailed information about that.

Carter Efe State of Origin

Where is Carter Efe from? A writer and reporter of Carter Efe biography told us that he’s a native of Ughelli, close to capital city of Warri in Delta State, Nigeria.

Is Carter Efe A Graduate

Yes! He Alumnus of Abraka. The informer of Carter Efe Educational background left a very tiny info as the online comedian was expected to complete at least one live session of interview for his full life story to be known. Nevertheless, Carter Efe is highly educated and not an illiterate.

Which School Did Carter Efe Attend;

Carter rounded off his primary and secondary school (WAEC) before moving out to pursue a career in comedy. From Carter Efe profile, the celebrity claims he attended DELSU (Delta State University).

Carter Efe Tribe

Oderhohwo better known as Carter-efe is of the ijaw tribe.

Carter Efe Brother

A quick and easy-to-predict Carter Efe Brother is the popular comedian Sydney Talker. Although, the have been rumours surrounding the claims that the white towel guy is Carter Efe cousin rather. So this’s why you’ll always see Carter efe and sydney talker being close.

Carter Efe Zodiac Sign

Famous skit maker, Carter Efe has this unhidden ‘Libra’ personality. It means that the superstar seeks peace and harmony in all dimensions of his lifestyle.

Carter Efe Worth 2022

Approximately $400,000 USD. Carterefe net worth in Naira currency is pecked at N240 million. How much Carter Efe is earning from his comedy skits is something very huge.

Carter Efe Songs

On our last check, Carter made just a track since he rose to prominence. Most of Carterefe music are uploaded for live streaming on digital stores and local sites.

Carter Efe Mixtape

A perfect mashup of Carter Efe dj mix with hit tracks is available on Galantnaija.com.

Carter Efe Comedy Video Mp4 3gp Download

Carter Efe House.

News didnt show that Carter Efe had any house for the time this press was made.

Carter Efe Car

Does Carter Efe has a car? yes!

Carter Efe car
CarterEfe car

CarterEfe hair style and haircut

Aboloo, skin low cut.

Carter Efe Father

Mr. Joseph-Efe is the biological father of Carter Efe.

Is Carter Efe Yahoo Boy

Not all public figures are internet Fraudsters. CarterEfe comedian apart from acting skits and movies, another of Carter Efe source of income and occupation includes: script writing, guiding amateurs on how to become a successful comedian in Nigeria and Diaspora and he also charges money to performs in shows and concerts.

Carter Efe Phone Number

CarterEfe WhatsApp Contact and direct voice call is not allowed. But, one can still reach him via chat If you wish To book Carter Efe for a feature in skit or for any other business.

Carter Efe History

Carter Efe story of life is a clear indication “God’s time is the best” CarterEfe who now happens to be on list of Nigerian celebrities had worked extremely hard in order to get to the top.

Carter Efe Wikipedia (wiki)

Oderhohwo Joseph Efe Biography is listed on Google Wikipedia, Bing, Yandex and other search engines. Checkout out the best of Carterefe video comedy here

CarterEfe Mother

The WizKid inspired skit-maker, CarterEfe mother náme is Mrs. Joe.

CarterEfe Twins

It’s he, him and only himself, though we are yet to find out if Carter Efe twin exist.

Carterefe Photos

Below are exclusive collections of CarterEfe photos / pictures

CarterEfe photos
Carter Efe On set
Carter Efe pictures
CarterEfe Pictures (image from Instagram)

Carter Efe Twitter

He uses @CarterEfe__ (means his two namés joined together with double underscore.

Carter Efe Instagram

The main page and only CarterEfe Instagram is @ CarterEfe – CLICK HERE to visit CarterEfe profile via IG.

CarterEfe Tattoo

Carter Efe tattoo meaning is unknown yet

Carter Efe YouTube Channel

CarterEfe YouTube contents are mixed up, the page will be updated soonest with direct link to channel.

KINDLY NOTE:- that everything written on this page concerning CarterEfe is lifted from online communities. If we by any means infringed on his material, file or published invalid data on CarterEfe biography, you’re free to point out with corrections, please do well to inform or contact us through Email: [email protected].

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