BETWEEN Oga Sabinus and Brain Jotter Who is Richest and Best – Let’s find out

between sabinus and brain jotter who is the richest

Sabinus and Brainjotter photo
Sabinus and Brainjotter photo

See the most funny comedian or skit maker that and rich between Sabinus and Brainjotter

In the modern comedy industry, It’s feels nice to mention the two reigning comedians which are Oga Sabinus and Brainjotter in the hot league performers to compete with one another for how popular and richer they are. When it comes to making funny videos, Sabinwa and brain Jotter are currently the best content creators and skit makers in Nigeria. So for that, we decided to figure out how rich Oga Sabinus compare to Brain Jotter, his business colleague.

Who is Oga Sabinus

Oga Sabinus with real names Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu is a unique funny man and video creator from Port Harcourt (pH city) Nigeria. He has been in the business of comedy for quite a long time and finally found his way into limelight in 2021.

Who is Brainjotter?

Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie, distinguished as Brain Jotter hails from Rivers State NG. He dived into the world of comic videos in years back and at last acquainted his success as a super YouTuber and stand up comedian before early 2021.

Is Oga Sabinus Bigger Than Brainjotter

Brainjotter might be bigger than Sabinus in terms of of age, how long he had penetrated in the comedy market and sometimes in level of connection.

Who is the richest between Brainjotter and Sabinus

Oga Sabinus who just concluded his first ever show and comedy concert in London is by far Richer than Brain Jotter. This is possible after comparing the net worth of the duo.

How Much is Brainjotter Net Worth Now

The Total Brain Jotter money is currently $400K dollars and that is the sum of ₦200,000,000 (two hundred million naira) in Nigeria currency.

Oga Sabinus Net Worth

How much does Sabinus have? Oga Sabinus is in possession of a whopping $1.3 million dollars as his net worth and when calculated in naira, this is equivalent to Six billion five hundred million dollars (₦6,500,000,000).

Who is the best between Sabinus and Brainjotter

To be sincere, Oga Sabinus is the most talented and hardworking and best funny comedian with a true gift for comedy. Brain Jotter is good as well because he’s one of a kind.

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