Avoid Drinking Cold Water In A Hot Day – See The Effect

Avoid Drinking Cold Water In A Hot Day – See The Effect


  1. A doctor friend came to me to chat and said that the weather was very hot. Under the sun, it could reach 40 degrees C.
    He said: At 40 degrees, if you drink ice water in an instant, the micro blood vessels could explode. One of his friends just went into the house to wash his feet with cold water. Then his eyes could not see clearly, and he passed out. Only the ears could hear the sound. He was terrified!
  2. The temperature in some places has reached 38 degrees C or higher, but the temperature of the body sense should be higher. The danger is not just with drinking ice cold water. The same danger may occur with
    even washing hands / washing your face / washing your feet. You must not subject any part of the hot body to temperature shock with cold water. You need about 30 minutes to allow the body to cool down and adjusted to the indoor temperature. Drink luke- warm water of around 34 to 36 degrees C.
  3. There is a very strong man. The doctor had examined him in the hospital about three years ago.
    He met the man again and was surprised to find that he had a stroke. He was in a bad condition. The man told the doctor, ” Recently, on a hot day, upon returning home, in order to quickly cool off from the heat, I immediately took a cold shower. I felt that I could not move my jaws properly. I immediately called an ambulance to send me to the hospital. That saved my life.” Remember, especially on a hot day, avoid cold water to cool off as it will cause rapid contraction of blood vessels.

Adults with young children at home should inform their helpers about this.

●The weather is abnormal recently.
It may be nice to have a cold drink to cool down, but it is very dangerous!
Avoid gulping down the drink, drink it slowly.

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