Technology has shaped the world to a great extent. Most of us can easily get things done from the comfort of our couch, thanks to the existence of modern software. The evolution of software has shaped the view of the digital sphere.

Top eight apps every nigerian must have

Saying these programs make getting things done easily and faster without stress cannot be overemphasized. As a result of this, every stakeholder, both private and corporate, now strives for modern techniques to improve productivity, while living a smarter and stress-free life.

From amateur to professional software users, there is something for everyone to binge on. This article previewed a list of top mobile apps to help you attain desirable output at home or the workplace.


Bearing in mind the abundant volume of mobile apps available across various app stores, you may find it daunting when selecting the best pick to suit your daily needs. This consequently brings us to the goal of this guide. This article lists the top 8 mobile apps you may have skipped in the past that every Nigerian must have on their iPhone.

1. Pocket

If you’ve been searching for a mobile-friendly app to assist with viewing your eBooks, wander no more, as the pocket app is up to the task of storing all of your downloaded eBooks for future reference. More so, the app supports several eBook file formats including epub and PDF.
The app also allows you to sync files with your local explorer, which makes it easier to access numerous files across devices. Fortunately, all the piled files can be accessed offline, so you don’t need to worry about the availability of an internet connection before accessing your files.

2. Rype

Been a fan of popular streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix? Rype is yet another streaming platform but with more specific content for the target audience. Rype is software that helps you gain seamless access to language tutorials.
While its contents are being restricted to only Spanish lessons at the moment, it has a great potential to extend to other foreign languages in the nearer future. It is a considerable language learning app for everyone and a good substitute for YouTube for learning languages.

3. iCall

With the upsurge in cybercrime which has necessitated the need for adequate cybersecurity measures, it has become an obligation for everyone to include call recording into their existing plans.
iCall is a tool to record your calls with such information to be used in the future for reference purposes in cases of litigation. It also can be used in urgent cases and to record frightening phone calls.
Likewise for business owners, with a call recorder app on your iPhone, you can easily refer to records from calls to improve customer experience. In addition, it can also serve the function of automating call recordings for any purpose.

4. Headspace

Are you a fan of yoga exercises or a mobile user looking for a good personal assistant to help achieve your exercise routine projections, headspace is an ideal app you should check out.
The has advanced features that give effective tips and recommendations on reflexive exercise and wellness to progress your psychological health. For anyone looking for a good backup to help achieve their fitness goal, headspace is an app to jump on.

5. Wanderlust

The wanderlust software is a great alternative app to help organize your to-do lists. Having a bunch of junk files and clumpy tasks to jump on, it can be overwhelming to sort all of them at once and this is why you need a smart assistant such as Wanderlust.
It helps to manage all your follow-ups and reminds you of tasks that are yet to be attended to.

6. Calm

Partaking in a mental wellness exercise goes a long way to help us calm our nerves. There are many ways to achieve this, one of which is the use of a wellness app. Calm is a meek yet powerful wellness app for those in search of a mobile assistant in the quest to achieve their wellness goal.

7. Camera+

Even with the event of incorporating an advanced camera lens in modern smartphones, you still require special photography skills to take top-notch images. Camera+ is an exclusive photography software that helps take exceptional pictures. It makes use of artificial intelligence to help take your shooting skills to the next level.

8. Spendbook

You don’t need to be an accountant before you keep records of your finances. Spendbook is an app that helps to keep track of all of your finances, so you don’t spend above budgeted limits. You don’t need a degree in accountancy or computer science to understand its mode of operation.

The existence of mobile apps has shaped the manner we get things done swiftly. There are certain apps you need to have on your phone to improve your user experience. Software like iCall can relieve you from threats on phone calls by automating all call recordings.

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