5 Most Important Things For Nigerian Girls Looking For Men

5 Most Important Things For
Nigerian Girls Looking For Men

Are you one of the thousands of Nigerian girls looking for men? If so, you’ve come to exactly the right place. Let’s face it – finding the man of your dreams is an uphill challenge.

That’s why I’ve spent time thinking about these 5Mist Important Things to help you find singles in Nigeria today

. #1 Taking The Perfect Selfie Have you ever visited a dating site and seen some really weird pictures of guys? You know what I mean: the guy who takes a picture with his or the guy wearing the weird t- shirt. It’s off-putting, right? There’s a simple lesson here.

Your online presence is key to finding a Nigerian guy so make sure your profile picture is absolutely perfect. Invest time in taking the perfect selfie or ask a friend to help you.

Make sure you’ve invested time in doing your hair and makeup (and, oh yeah, don’t forget to smile…). Believe me, you won’t regret it when the Nigerian men start queuing up on Facebook and Tinder.

#2 ALWAYS Be On The Look-out In the film Love Actually, UK Prime Minister David (played by Hugh Grant) says: “If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling that you’ll find that love actually is all around” This is what Nigerian ladies looking for husbands forget so easily.

Opportunities to meet men in Naija are all around: every time you go shopping, get on the bus or simply go to work.

This means that you should always be on the look out. Not in a weird, freaky way. Just be open to speaking with people and opportunities will be sure to come your way

#3 Sign Up to a Nigerian Dating Site You might meet your perfect Nigerian man on the bus but it could take some time.

Not all of us are that patient. That’s why there are numerous options for free Nigerian dating websites and Nigerian dating apps which you can start using today.

Friendite is just one of the many Nigerian dating sites you can try for free today This is where having the perfect profile picture (see tip #1 above) is so vital .

The big question for you to consider is this: do you want a Nigerian hookup site (think Tinder, Badoo etc.) or a more serious dating website for Nigerians (think Sexy Naija, Friendite etc.)? I guess this comes down to what you’re looking for in life: a husband or just some fun on the side

. #4 Matchmaking in Nigeria Some Nigerian girls have been turning to the help of professional matchmakers in the hope of finding Mr. Right. Some Nigerian matchmakers have become famous for matching couples: for example, Jerome Yaovi Onipede (aka, Jerome the Matchmaker). All this sounds perfect, right? Just be careful in who you choose.

There are no end of professional con-artists who pose as matchmakers but have no real experience. A better option is to ask friends and family who may know eligible young bachelors and won’t charge for the service.

You may be looking for a man from a particular background (for example, a Nigerian muslim or Nigerian christian).

If so, speak to your local church or mosque. These temples may have matchmaking groups for Nigerian singles. READ Must Read!!!-21-year-old Girl Ran Home After Being Beaten For Losing Her Virginity

#5 Use Facebook and Other Social Networks The problem with blind dates or dating websites is that you end up meeting guys with whom you have zero mutual connections. That’s why Facebook and other social networks are really really useful. Using these social networks, you can check out Nigerian guys with whom you have mutual friends.

You can then ask the mutual friend for an intro. Even better, add him to Facebook and START a conversation. Perhaps this sounds quite forward but this is one of the fastest growing ways for meeting people online today.

Facebook also has a number of groups for Nigerian single girls looking for men such as the “Dating for Single Women in Nigeria” group

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