4 Things Naira Marley Tried To Tell The World About In “Soapy” Video

4 Things Naira Marley Tried To Tell The World About In “Soapy” Video That You All Missed

Four Basic Facts about the controversial masterpiece (Soapy By Naira Marley)

Checkout this thoughtful messages delivered by Nigerian artist Naira Marley in his latest trending video song “ Soapy ”

Nigerian fast-rising musician Naira Marley released the much-anticipated video to his hit single titled “soapy” on 5 th of August 2019.

The controversial artiste who spent almost a month in EFCC custody over his alleged connection with internet fraud came up with a dance step which has gotten in the interest of a lot of people is currently the go-to dance amongst youths, while some detest it and try to stay away from the dance due to its advocacy for indisciple and anti-morality.

The dance which is in form of practicing masturbation became popular even before the release of the music video. However, a lot of people only focused on the beautiful graphics, dance-steps and humour in the video and never paid attention to some hidden messages. And that is why this post has been publicised, to help you pick out the important messages Naira Marley is telling his fans and the whole world through with video.

The music video inspiration is definitely as a result of his case with the EFCC, his time in prison and the rough experience. In the video, we can see the concept that is, his lifestyle in the prison as a celebrity, his mum calling out for him and begging for his release, then the prisoners masturbating with soap to quench their urge for s£x which led to the title of the song “Soapy”

At the beginning of the music video, Naira Marley showed the mugshot of those who were arrested along with him over alleged internet fraud. He was trying to let us know those who EFCC wrongfully arrested and detained for some couple of days over crimes they didn’t commit.
Although they didn’t last long in EFCC custody as there was no concrete evidence against them but to Naira Marley his Kiri Kiri story isn’t complete without him adding these guys.

3.. INSIDE LIFE [A different lifestyle inside prison]
Lifestyle in prison is totally different from the outlandish life outside prison. He clearly saw a different way of life, no wonder the song has a catchy line, “inside life.”
The inmates are struggling so hard to survive, most of them were convicted for crimes they didn’t commit. The urge for s£x led most of the prisoners to be addicted to masturbating using soap just to satisfy their sexual desires. He realized this within the prison walls and tries to give a message in the video that all should be careful of what they do so they won’t find themselves in such unfortunate situations.

In the music video, Naira Marley showed how he was celebrated whilst in the prison as many thought his arrest would be the beginning of his career downfall. He was crowned a king by the inmates.
He also passed a message to his mother that he would always make her proud irrespective of what happens to him and that her tears would be of joy and not of sorrow.



Article written by: Akindunbi Joshua

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